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   Lake Charles Party DJ Troupe

     Over 30 years in Radio, Nightclub & Mobile DJ experience! Playing PARTY tunes from the 50's to today's music including Zydeco, Country, Classic Rock, Disco, Motown, Jitterbug, New Wave & much, much more!! PHONE (337) 217-2300 for booking info.

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A note to all Brides

First, I'd like to apologize for not getting your pages up (or back up again) faster. Redoing our website has been a bigger task than I had anticipated. And 2nd, we have found that, unfortunately, some of the couples' weddings that we performed at are no longer together and rather than put up a page that might cause heartache we would like to ask all of our couples to e-mail us at if you would still like your web page put up. I will put them up in the order I receive the e-mails and as soon as time allows. Thank you all for letting us be a part of your special day and thank you for you patience...

Mark Russell.


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