Due to limited web space we could only put up a little over 150 pictures...however we took over 400 and once your order is placed, production will take 2 to 4 weeks to complete. If you would like to purchase one then e-mail me at webmaster@obbdj.com or phone (337) 217-2300. Each DVD  will include all the pics on this web page plus all the other pictures we took which will be featured in a slide show format with selected songs that we played at your reunion. A sample of what the DVD will look like is below. There is no deadline to this offer so order at anytime. Of course to get the discounts see details below the sample slide show.

 To start the slide show hit the PLAY SLIDESHOW.

To listen to my the song while viewing the slide show, Press AUDIO ON...press it again to tun AUDIO OFF.

I found out that the song takes longer to load up than the program so if it doesn't play right away then click AUDIO OFF...wait a minute and try it again. Repeat until the song starts playing (the most I had to wait was three minutes).



To reduce the cost of each DVD get together with family & friends and place an order for more than one DVD...

The cost of  a single DVD order is $59.95 per disc plus $4.50 S&H.

The cost of an order for 2 to 10 DVDs is $49.95 per disc plus $4.50 S&H per disc 

The cost of an order for 11 to 20 DVDs is $39.95 per disc plus $4.50 S&H per disc

The cost of an order for 21 to 30 DVD's is $29.95 per disc plus $4.50 S&H per disc

The cost of of an order for 31 to 40 DVD's is $24.95 per disc plus $4.50 S&H per disc

The cost of an order for 41 to 50 DVD's is $19.95 per disc plus $4.50 S&H per disc

The cost of an order for 51 or more DVD's is $14.95 per disc plus $4.50 S&H per disc

To receive the multiple DVD discount you must place the order for all the DVDs at the same time and

pay the total due upon delivery of the DVDs.

If all the DVDs are shipped to a single address then the shipping cost is greatly reduced or

 if you arrange to pick up the DVD's then there is no shipping cost.

To place your order or for any questions you can call us at (337) 217-2300 or

 e-mail us at webmaster@obbdj.com  with the number of copies you want, your address, your choice of payment (check or money order)



  Meanwhile enjoy this sampling of one great party!!

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